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Preventative Dentistry in Kelowna Dental services for all


Regular, professional cleanings make a difference

The best way to treat problems with your teeth and gums is to prevent them in the first place!

Our preventative dentistry services are will help prevent and remove the buildup of the plaque and tartar that can cause tooth decay. Your brushing can remove plaque, but only your dentist’s tools can remove stubborn tartar.


Your at-home routine

During your appointment, we’ll show you the proper way to remove plaque with two important daily habits—attentive brushing and flossing.


Professional exams and cleanings

A regular dental exam is the best way to catch early signs of problems like decay, infection, and even oral cancer. And a professional cleaning is the only reliable way to remove the tartar buildup that can cause cavities.

Request an appointment

We’re always accepting new patients, and we’re always excited to meet Kelowna families who are looking for a better dental care experience. Whether you’d like to visit for a check-up and cleaning or more complex treatment, get in touch today!